Socratic Circles


Want to implement socratic circles this school year to your classroom? Unsure how to implement a socratic circle?

This is a handout designed to make your life easier and encourage students to have rules and expectations with socratic seminars. This handout is very useful when introducing the socratic seminar as a form of discussion in any class. I give this handout to my students when they read an article or a controversial reading as they write their own question for a socratic circle. It works best giving it to them for homework and then they are prepared for a socratic circle the next school day!

What’s included?

There is a general description on what is a socratic seminar, rules for participating, and some guiding questions to help frame your students questions.

How do I find out about and access new materials as they are posted?

Continue to follow me to get the notification emails of new products. Then, simply re-download the files and copy over the new items.

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