Sociology Course

Are you teaching sociology? Want to make your life easier? This is everything you need for a Sociology Full Year Course. This is my 8th year teaching this fun and engaging course!

Over 1,200 individual products in ONE package! These are highly engaging, complete lessons and activities for a sociology course. Free downloads for life! I teach this course every year and update my plans. Read my reviews on individual units included below to see excellent reviews.

What does this curriculum contain?

It includes full lesson plans, student activities, and all other needed materials to implement the lessons. Includes cooperative group activities, centers, readings, games, tests, and so much more. I teach with the 55 minute period for the full year. I am a very organized teacher. Each lesson is organized on a calendar with links to each item on specific class days.

Units Included in this course:

⇒ Introduction to Sociology Unit

⇒ Social Stratification Unit

⇒ Race and Ethnicity Unit

⇒ Gender Unit

⇒ Socialization and Families Unit

⇒ Education Unit

⇒ Crime and Deviance Unit

⇒ Final Social Movement Project

Helpful Tips:

This is a HUGE file over 1,200 items, so be prepared for a large download! Files are all organized into unit folders for ease of use. Each folder has multiple folders included an extra folder, tests, and each unit is organized in number order that I taught them.

  • Google Drive with lifetime FREE updates and any new products
  • All the videos will be included in Powerpoints
  • Email support for any questions you may have
  • 13 years of experience in the classroom and I still teach this course.
  • New lessons are added all the time, to give you even more options
  • I teach this course every year and update my plans.
  • Each lesson is organized on a calendar with links to each task on specific class days.

How can I access the lessons?

Each lesson was designed in Google Drive and can easily be modified and downloaded for your students. You can also click and alternative link and download the file from dropbox.

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Introduction to Sociology Unit

Want to make your life easier? This is the product for you! This is a complete introduction to sociology unit with 17 separate lessons. Each class period is planned for you for 55 minutes! There are worksheets, Powerpoints, two projects, hands on activities, TED talk and Youtube video clips, and a test provided with a key. This is a print and use unit that will make your life easier!

Lessons Include:

-Why is having empathy important?

– what is sociology?

– What is the sociological imagination?

– How might live your life differently if you live with sociological mindfulness?

– What are the four main sociological perspectives?

– Who are famous sociologists?

– How can the four theories relate to society?soc unit

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Gender Sociology Project

Want to have an educational show and tell in your sociology class? This is a FREE gender and toy analysis project where students bring in their favorite toy and respond to a few prompts about how the toy relates to their gender.

They also have to use the sociological terms to describe the toy. There is a rubric provided to grade their responses. I do this activity as a show and tell after they write the response for homework. It makes a really fun activity. This was designed in word and can be modified for your classroom.

If you like this product it is included in this Gender Unit!

toy project

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Gender Socialization Lesson (2-3 Days)

This is a two or three day lesson on gender socialization. There is a youtube and Ted Talk video clip, articles on the internet, an in class websearch on a toy website with a graphic organizer/questions, and a show and tell project with a rubric included. The show and tell can be homework or classwork if you want this lesson to picture of gender socialization be three days or two.

This is a wonderful lesson to go include in your gender unit. My student’s are very engaged with this lesson. It was designed in Word and can be adapted for your classroom.

Find the lesson here: 



Other Gender Lessons

⇒ Dating and Gender Websearch

⇒ Gender and Toy Project

⇒ Gender Test

⇒ Miss Representation Video Handout

⇒ The Mask You Live In Video Handout

⇒ Transgender Lesson (3-4 days)

⇒ Gender Music Analysis Project

⇒ Gender socialization Lesson (2-3 days)


More Sociology Curriculum:

⇒ Sociology Complete Course

⇒ Introduction to Sociology Unit

⇒ Social Stratification Unit

⇒ Race and Ethnicity Unit

⇒ Gender Unit

⇒ Socialization and Families Unit

⇒ Education Unit

⇒ Crime and Deviance Unit

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