History for Music Lovers: World History Pop Music

I learned about History for Music Lovers by @magisterWarren. History for Music Lovers was created by  Amy Burvall and Herb Mahelona. The videos on Amy and Herb’s YouTube channel – historyteachers – have been uploaded over 3.5 million times. They created the videos with the the purpose of making their curriculum fun, engaging, and educational for their students. They have around 50 plus music videos on world history topics. The videos are educational and they are catchy. The learning process becomes an enriching experience when you combine their passion for history and music.

Here’s a sample music video on the French Revolution:

They were recently featured on TEDx. Here is their TEDx project ”What I learned from Napoleon and MTV?”


Who are Herb and Amy?

Amy is a 19 year Humanities teacher and is a a leader in educational technology. Her work in the History for Music Lovers project has appeared in Wired magazine, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, CBC, NPR, international blogs and media. Herb has been a classroom educator for twenty years. He is a composer, arranger, musician, web designer, and filmmaker.


Resources Share from Pete Laberge

  • Here is Amy Burvall’s Own Official Web Page (c/w Biography, etc.): http://www.amyburvall.com/#!
  • This is Amy Burvasll’s WIX site: http://amyburvall.wix.com/events#!home/mainPage
  • Here is Amy Burvall’s Tumblr Log: http://amyburvall.tumblr.com/
  • Here is Amy Burvall’s Twitter Feed: https://twitter.com/#!/amyburvall
  • Here is Amy and Herb’s HistoryTeacherz Twitter Feed: https://twitter.com/#!/historyteacherz
  • Here is their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/historyteacherz
  • Official TEDX Hawaii, Nov 2011
  • Ignite Honolulu 4 (Aug 2012) : “PARODY-SO: The Unexpected Lessons of a History Teacher Turned Edulebrity”
  • The Creativity Salon Interview (With the late great Neil Tepper)  Ignore the first 1.5 mins, as it is some sort of commercial
  • Here is one young lady who was inspired by them to make her own videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/sarahjoygordonpdx She sings some really cool history parodies.
  • Another good history link (Hip Hughes, Buffalo, NY), not related to the history teachers), is here: Very good USA history, and Civics videos. And animated lecturer, who also does some world history stuff. Hip Hughes Tweets at: @hiphughes
  • Here is a good math/science link (Mr.Edmonds), not related, either)
  • Then, there is Dan Rojas at Green Power Science on YouTube (Kids, do not try this stuff at home, ok!)



5 thoughts on “History for Music Lovers: World History Pop Music

  1. Dear Melissa,

    You are incredible. How you can balance handling the beginning of a school year (with all the work that entails) and still produce such a stream of wonderful tweets and blog posts is beyond me. You are our profession’s equivalent of MVP and Hall of Famer.

    Take care of yourself.

    Dave Lambert

  2. Awe! Thanks so much you made me blush. Haha I wish I had more time to. Let’s add switching to a new school district (with three preps) and moving Sept 14th to that list! I have a feeling September blogs will be a “light” month.

  3. Thank you so much for this write-up! We hope to have more coming soon…but of course we are both starting a new school year too:)

  4. Great write-up! If you are new to this dynamic duo… go see these links:

    Here is Amy and Herb’s HistoryTeacherz Twitter Feed:

    Here is their Facebook Page

    ALSO: Here is one young lady who was inspired by them to make her own videos:

    Another good history link (Hip Hughes, Buffalo, NY), not related to the history teachers), is here:

    Me? Just another fan!

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