HelloSlide- Bring your Presentation to Life

As more and more classrooms move into the digital age, instructors are looking for ways to bring an interesting touch to their online lessons. HelloSlide is a wonderful way to transform a lesson into a audio-rich lesson that seems like a live presentation. I learned about HelloSlide from Richard Bryne’s blog Free Technology for Teachers. To get started using Hello Slide, register for a free account, upload a PDF of your slides, then start typing your narration.

Application in the Classroom: I can see HelloSlide being used multiple ways in the classroom. It could be used to teach a particular concept in class, previewing the night before, teaching a lesson using the “flipped” model, can be translated for ESL students, or even used in alternative assessment projects in which students teach the class a particular concept.

HelloSlide is very easy to use: 

1. You upload your presentation.

2. Type the speech for your presentation and HelloSlide automatically generates the audio. I only wish it gave you a feature to record your own voice with the presentation.

Here is a sample project already created on HelloSlide: 


HelloSlide provides key advantages over the video format:

  • Easy to create. Just take the PowerPoint slides already sitting in your computer, write the speech for each slide, and share them with the rest of the world. There’s no need to record any audio.
  • Editable presentations. Unhappy with the audio of your slides? Want to fix mistakes or improve the content? It’s easy: just press edit and tweak the speech until you’re happy with the result. No need to re-record the audio.
  • Auto translation. Make your presentation available in 20 different languages, with no additional effort. Just write the speech in English, and press translate.
  • Searchable content. You can search for audio keywords across all presentations, since everything is text-based.
  • Wider exposure. Your presentation is more discoverable on the web, since search engines can index the audio content more thoroughly.

Citation:  Hello Slide

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