Create an Online Study Group with ThinkBinder

I was in a Panera the other day and I saw four students studying for a high school exam. Students had their notes, books, computers, and food all over the table. I thought to myself what a great group of students who decided to study together and take ownership of their own learning.¬†Unfortunately,¬†students can not always study together and that’s where technology comes in.

ThinkBinder is a revolutionary way to change the way our student’s study. The new study group is focused around an idea to help students work more efficiently and collaboratively. ThinkBinder provides students with an opportunity for group discussions, shared notes, and real time interactions online. Students can discuss any topic they are studying, share videos or websites or other resources that would be useful. ThinkBinder also has a built in text or video chat feature as well as an collaborative Whiteboard to work on problems together. Check it today!

Meet ThinkBinder from ThinkBinder on Vimeo.



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