Bring Your Class into the 21st Century with Cell Phones

I start the first day of school with the typical introductions, classroom expectations, and ice-breakers. The past two years I have particularly developed a devotion for using technology and mobile devices in the secondary education classroom.  I have used cell phones on a daily basis, with approval from my administration and parents/guardians. Using this form of technology has so many benefits, if used in a controlled and appropriate setting. It is time to get our students sharing, interacting, and engaged at school.

Interesting ideas to incorporate cellphones into the classroom: 

  • Create a Poll- This past fall I used Poll Everywhere to get instant audience feedback to a series of prompts using student cell phones. Polls can be multiple choice or an open ended responses. The responses can be posted directly on the board and are an interesting way to get instant feedback, even from your quietest students.
  • Create Text Messaging Group- I have my students join, which is a group chatroom, where my students can communicate instantly via text messaging. I have found to be one of the most beneficial social media programs I use in the classroom. Students communicate more with me through the use of their cell phones compared to any other form of communication. What impressed me the most this year was the number of parents that wanted to be included on the cell phone group. 
  • Cell Sharing- Ask students to locate a photo, song, or video from their mobile device that best represents them. They can then pair share their selection with the class and why it was selected. (Idea from Jackie Gerstein)
  • Random Question or Poll- Students can be assigned a random question from Question Cup and then post their response using  Cel.lyWallwisher or Wifitti. Responses can be posted on the whiteboard. (Idea from Jackie Gerstein)
  • Texting Interview- Students can be randomly paired together and provide them with a series of interview prompts. The pairs can text their questions and answers back and forth. The interviews can be summarized and shared with the class and posted on a sticky not board such as  Wallwisher or  (Idea modified from Jackie Gerstein)
  • Text a Friend- Students can text a friend or family member (outside of school) a question and then post the response on the whiteboard using,  Wallwisher or Wifitti. Last year I posed the question, “What was one history event that impacted your lifetime?” I am a history teacher so this was an interesting way discuss the concept of why history matters and how my students are historians. This idea also works well with any topic. I have used text a friend multiple times such as “What do you know about Richard Nixon?” “Why was Bill Clinton impeached?” “Did you vote in the last election? Why or why not” Questions like these bring interesting and multiple perspectives into  the classroom. Many family members have also commented that they enjoy the conversations afterschool about the lesson.
  • QR Code Scavenger Hunt- You can design a QR code scavenger hunt for your classes to get your students moving, sharing, and bonding. Check out this simple QR Code Generator from Teacher Tools.
If you have any other ideas to share, please post them below.