Independance Day— $1 Dollar Deals!!

Here’s are some great deals to celebrate one of the greatest days in American history!  I’ve got some great Independence Day Dollar Deals just for you!

Save big on one of my newest products, Reconstruction Stations.   This engaging 55-minute lesson contains 6 stations where they will gather information and analyze primary sources.  These no prep, print and go stations are:

  • Station 1: Notes on the three amendments, Freedman’s Bureau, and Compromise of 1877
  • Station 2: Group-work discussion and matching vocabulary
  • Station 3: Plessy vs Ferguson Supreme Court case
  • Station 4: Primary Documents and Questions
  • Station 5: Primary Documents on the KKK
  • Station 6: Political Cartoon on White Supremacy

You’ll get your students up and moving around and it’s completely editable to fit your needs!


The second dollar deal is on my Presidential Roles Project!  This weeklong project allows groups students to dive deep into one of the seven roles that make up the job of the President of the United States:

  • Chief Executive
  • Commander in Chief
  • Head of Political Party
  • Chief Legislator
  • Chief Diplomat
  • Head of State
  • Economic Guardian


Included are a comprehensive PowerPoint of Presidential Roles along with real life examples, a graphic organizer for note taking, and a Presidential Roles game that will allow students to gather information and develop a poster or infographic that details the role that they have been assigned.  A detailed rubric takes the guesswork out of grading and provides a great guideline as students collaborate to produce their final product!

Get this product for only $1 July 3rd and 4th!!!! Get it today before it goes up in prices.


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