Reconstruction – 6 Stations Lesson

Want to get your students engaged in the study of history? Want to get them out of their seats? Want them to analyze primary sources? If you answered yes to all of the questions then this product is for you!
This is a complete 55 minute 6 station lesson on Reconstruction. There is a handout provided that students carry around and complete at each station, which is clearly labeled to keep them organized. There is also a homework provided on the Alabama literacy test.
This lesson is designed in Word and can be adapted to fit your classroom. This is a print and use stations lesson! No need to modify unless you want to 🙂 The class period goes so fast with stations!
    ⇒ Station 1: Notes on the three amendments, Freedman’s Bureau, and Compromise of 1877
    ⇒ Station 2: Group-work discussion and matching vocabulary
    ⇒ Station 3: Plessy vs Ferguson Supreme Court case
    ⇒ Station 4: Primary Documents and Questions
    ⇒ Station 5: Primary Documents on the KKK
    ⇒ Station 6: Political Cartoon on White Supremacy

Causes of the Civil War Stations Lesson

This is a complete lesson plan for the causes of the Civil War. This is a perfect lesson to teach all the causes of the Civil war in one 50 minute class period. There are five stations. I have my students spend 6-8 minutes a station. There is also an extra two page homework assignment if they finish a station early. It was designed in word and powerpoint and it can easily be adapted to your classroom.

– Station 1: Powerpoint notes on the two sides of the Civil War
– Station 2: North & South Map to Color
– Station 3: Compromise and Causes Reading
– Station 4: Video on the Causes of the Civil War
– Station 5: Analyze Political Cartoons on the causes of the Civil War
– Extra two page homework assignment on the compromises and popular sovereignty

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More Curriculum:
U.S. History Complete Course
Unit 1: Colonial, Revolution, Articles, and Constitution Unit Plan

Unit 2: Constitution Unit Plan

Unit 3: First President’s and Expansion Unit

Unit 4: Civil War and Reconstruction

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Final Exam Review

Congress Station Lesson

This is complete 50 minute station lesson on Congress. I have my students spend 8 minutes per station. There are five stations included with an additional homework assignment attached if they finish a station early. This lesson was designed in word and can be modified to fit the needs of your classroom.

What’s included?
– Station 1: Powers of Congress Reading and Discussion
– Station 2: Bicameral Legislature Notes
– Station 3: Video url provided and questions (must have access to one computer)
– Station 4: Political Cartoons
– Station 5: Pork barreling and Earmarks Web Search (must have access to a device or two to share with a partner – phone, tablet, or computer)
– Incumbency Homework

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