Why is #sschat valuable to you? Join Today!

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How you can join #sschat?

1. Join the Live #sschat Discussions on Twitter Every Monday Night from 7-8 PM EST (see calendar on the main screen)
2. Join our Facebook Group
3. Join in 24/7 Discussions on Social Studies related topics on twitter follow the hashtag #sschat
4. Visit this #sschat ning website, which has discussion boards, groups, and archived chats of previous twitter discussions.

Why is #sschat valuable to you?
  • #sschat has helped to make me into a more dedicated, engaged, and connected teacher. It has helped me to create a positive learning environment for my students but also a professional learning community that I actually want to be apart of. Melissa Seideman @mseideman
  • #sschat allows me to instantly link with fellow social studies teachers around the globe, in real-time, from the comfort of my sofa.  It’s crowdsourcing professional development (how cool is that?), and it’s the most inspiring and resource-rich professional development I’ve ever participated in.  Joe Sangillo @joesangillo
  • I began watching the collaboration in #sschat as a lurker and thought “I want to belong to this!” The sharing and the organic co -developing of lessons has helped me develop as a newer teacher. -Michael Milton
  • #sschat has given me a countless number of lesson ideas and resources.  Just hearing what other teachers around the world are doing with their classes gets the creative ideas flowing.  It is also inspiring to collaborate with others.  It makes me a better teacher. Mike Nash @mackiefloyd
  • As an education professor, #sschat helps keep me connected with classroom teachers – their interests, successes, and challenges – on a daily basis. – Dan Krutka @dankrutka
  • I am the only Social Studies teacher in my middle school so #sschat IS my Professional Development!  Passionate educators keep me excited and eager to collaborate – John Padula @PadulaJohn
  • #sschat keeps me connected, invigorated and enthusiastic.  Learning from so many innovative educators is an experience that frees me from my office and classroom walls! @antfitz
  • #sschat is a great place to bounce ideas about lessons off others.  You don’t need to always reinvent the wheel. @sbdavidso
  • As a new SS coordinator, #sschat helped me expand my professional network nationwide and worldwide!  In some ways it is like having a SS Fairy Godmother – when I have a question or need a resource,  I tweet it out to #sschat and within minutes I have many great ideas or answers! @MapM8ker
  • #sschat is a great place to know what other people in the world are doing and a place to share good ideas and resources that we may not all have time to keep up with @praisesifa
  • #sschat is a community of passionate and knowledgeable educators dedicated to helping each other grow professionally.  Everyday I learn something new and always come away inspired.  The real winner in all of this… our students.  @RoanHoward
  • #sschat allows for continuous PD and it provides an outlet to share ideas and get feedback by teachers in the your discipline. In addition, it allows us to stay up to date with teaching trends, ideas, technology, and websites.  @philpuzz
  • Without #sschat,  EDSITEment would not be connecting to the most tech savvy teachers in America. We’d be in our “ivory tower” and they would probably not be aware of how much NEH has to offer them.
  • #ssschat has enriched the teaching in our department.   I often share the resources that I have found with teachers in social studies.  They have had great success with students using these resources.  I especially appreciate the support that I have seen provided for teachers new to the profession or teaching a course for the first time.
  • I don’t usually make the live #sschat and when I do it goes too fast for me, but I do enjoy the benefits of using the hashtag to ask questions or to search the archives later. I often share resources that I find here with the teachers in my department.  My participation has made ALL of us better. @jenslish
  • I have not taken part in many #sschat conversations, but I do look through the posts that are tagged #sschat. I have received many great ideas from other social studies teachers. Thank you to all. Monte DeArmoun @nksocialstudies
  • I am inspired by the creativity and dedication of the teachers on #sschat.   In the current test-driven climate, I am so impressed by the ways in which social studies teachers incorporate technology, current events, and interactive methods in their teaching, and refuse to “teach to the tests.” @dutchermann
  • The great people that use #sschat are ALWAYS willing to help with a link or advice to possible teaching topics.  It is instant professional development and probably the best PD tool in use today.  @jeifling
  • #sschat provides me with colleagues who are a resource, support, and inspiration. I just have to ask and there are so many in my PLN who respond immediately. It definitely makes me a better educator. I also connect with educators who are as passionate about student learning as I am and are willing to connect their classrooms worldwide. @kconners09
  • #sschat brings me in contact with new colleagues with new ideas. Collaboration is important to me as I do not have the opportunity at school to do so. There’s always lots of support, too. @geojo22
  • #sschat brings together passionate history teachers to connect, learn and share with one another.  It is a forum for getting help, support and great ideas to improve the teaching of Social Studies. @cybraryman1


How do you use #sschat?
  • 24/7 or during synchronous, moderated chat on Mondays at 7pm EST
  • I tune in most Monday’s to see what’s up.  I always find something useful.  I will also post resources to #sschat throughout the week and look there when I am trying to find something.  I also occasionally post questions.
  • I ALWAYS come away from #sschat with a new site, article, or connection for my PLN – EVERY TIME.  That’s the kind of people who keep me coming back!
  • I used to come across resources that I wanted to share out and thought no one cares, why bother sharing.  Then I discovered #sschat and now I just tweet a resource with #sschat and I instantly have a whole slew of like minded social studies teacher excited about the resource too.
  • I use #sschat to connect live and collaborate or I can go back and check the archives and find great ideas that are perfect for my lessons.  Every little bit helps in keeping education fresh!
  • Having a network of people who always willing to help/share is refreshing!  Also makes me feel great when I can offer help or a resource – validates what we all believe in as educators, despite high stakes testing and local politics
  • When I come across something useful that helped shaped the way I plan what I’m teaching or some interesting ideas, I like to share it out to others on #sschat
  • EDSITEment staff views #sschat as our window on the world of K-12 social studies and history teachers. We find out so much every day about where they are and what they need.
  • I use #sschat throughout the week rather than come to the chat. I use the archives and follow the hashtag.
  • I generally have classes on Monday evenings so I refer to the archives and follow the hashtag. The archives have provided an abundance of resource and ideas for use in the classroom.  @MaribethWestlun
  • Looking for new ideas and classroom resources.
  • I introduce my preservice teachers to it so that they can have a digital learning community.  I gain energy and enthusiasm from the teachers, even though I can’t regularly join the synchronous chat.  I love to share ideas with other teachers, and to get their suggestions of classroom projects, especially to see their student work.
  • When historical current events take place (death of bin Laden, Japan earthquake, etc) #sschat is the best place to gather information.  It is collaboration at the best.
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