Stock Market Bundle

Are you teaching about the stock market? This is a stock market bundle for you! This is a collection of stock market resources to teach a mini unit on the stock market.

What’s Included:

  1. comparing stocks activity
  2. stock market stations lesson
  3. stock market activity
  4. stock market lesson with notes
  5. stock market project
  6. investing quiz




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Get this lesson here:

Reconstruction – 6 Stations Lesson

Want to get your students engaged in the study of history? Want to get them out of their seats? Want them to analyze primary sources? If you answered yes to all of the questions then this product is for you!
This is a complete 55 minute 6 station lesson on Reconstruction. There is a handout provided that students carry around and complete at each station, which is clearly labeled to keep them organized. There is also a homework provided on the Alabama literacy test.
This lesson is designed in Word and can be adapted to fit your classroom. This is a print and use stations lesson! No need to modify unless you want to 🙂 The class period goes so fast with stations!
    ⇒ Station 1: Notes on the three amendments, Freedman’s Bureau, and Compromise of 1877
    ⇒ Station 2: Group-work discussion and matching vocabulary
    ⇒ Station 3: Plessy vs Ferguson Supreme Court case
    ⇒ Station 4: Primary Documents and Questions
    ⇒ Station 5: Primary Documents on the KKK
    ⇒ Station 6: Political Cartoon on White Supremacy