United States Stations Lessons

Want to get your student’s more engaged in lessons? I find stations are an easy way to get my students engaged in the content, moving around the room, and learning in a fun and productive way.

This is a collection of 8 United States stations lessons from 1865 to the present broken into five or six different activities. Each lesson is for 55 minutes. There is a handout provided that students carry around and complete at each station, which is clearly labeled to keep them organized. This lesson is designed in Word and can be adapted to fit your classroom. This is a print and use stations lesson! No need to modify unless you want to 🙂 The class period goes so fast with stations!

Check my reviews on each station! This is a wonderful product!

Helpful Tips:

⇒ I highly suggest printing the station handouts on different colored paper and put them in folders to keep them organized so every year you have them ready to go!

⇒ I give my student’s 6 minutes a station with a minute passing time to complete a 45 minute class period, with a few extra minutes at the end of the lesson to discuss the main ideas from the lesson.


What’s included:

⇒ Imperialism Stations Lesson

⇒ U.S. During World War I Stations Lesson

⇒ 1920’s Stations Lesson

⇒ World War II Homefront Stations Lesson

⇒ Kennedy Administration Stations Lesson

⇒ Vietnam War Stations Lesson

⇒ US Civil Rights Movement Stations Lesson

⇒ Stock Market Stations Lesson

Impeachment of a President Lesson

This is a complete 55 minute lesson on how to impeach a president. There is a word document for notes and a powerpoint slide with images, notes, and videos. It was designed in Word and Powerpoint, which can be used as is or adapted for your classroom. The end of the video introduces the idea of impeaching trump with recent news clips calling for his impeachment.

What’s included:

1. 11 slide powerpoint on impeachment procedures

2. four videos on youtube on impeachment

3. One page notes handout on impeachment and one page as a webquest on president’s who have been impeached.

4. Article for homework- how to remove a president?

5. A key for the notes and webquest




Civil Liberties Project (3-5 Days)

This is a four to five day civil liberties project where students are assigned one minority group in the United States and trace the history of discrimination to the fight for equal rights of that group. The United States has always been home to many different racial and ethnic groups that have experienced varying degrees of acceptance into American society. For this project, you will assess the “journey” of one of those groups throughout U.S. history with a special focus on the recent issues facing the group.

This project has two options: a powerpoint project or a documentary film option. I personally do the documentary film option if I have time. The projects are a lot of fun and kids really enjoy it. There is a rubric attached to grade both assignments. Both projects were designed in Word and can be adapted to your classroom.

Task: Using the review book, textbook, the handout provided, and the Internet, your task is to create a 5-7 minute multimedia presentation.

Project Topics:

  1. African Americans
  2. Native Americans
  3. Latino Rights
  4. Asian Pacific Islanders
  5. Women
  6. Older Americans
  7. Disabled American
  8. LGBTQ Rights

Interest Group Stations Lesson

This is a complete 50 minute 5 station lesson on United States interest groups. There is a handout included that students carry to each station as well as clear station directions on what to do at each station. I give my students 9 minutes a station for each of the 5 stations. This lesson is designed in Word and Powerpoint. They will need access to computers or devices at one station. This is a print and use stations lesson! No need to modify unless you want to 🙂 The class period goes so fast with stations!
What’s included?
– Station 1: What is an interest group? notes
– Station 2: Youtube Video clip and questions
– Station 3: web-search on PACS
– Station 4: Political cartoon and questions
– Station 5: Matching vocabulary
– Homework: Reading on interest groups
– Teacher Key