United States Constitution – 6 Stations Lesson

This United States Constitution stations lesson is broken into six different activities. There is a handout provided that students carry around and complete at each station, which is clearly labeled to keep them organized. This lesson is designed in Word and can be adapted to fit your classroom. This is a print and use stations lesson! No need to modify unless you want to 🙂 The class period goes so fast with stations!

Stations Included:

⇒ Station 1: Great Compromise Notes

⇒ Station 2: 3/5ths Compromise Notes

⇒ Station 3: Federalist/Antifederalist Debate

⇒ Station 4: Video on youtube about the U.S. Constitution

⇒ Station 5: Cartoons and Questions

⇒ Station 6: Document Based Questions (4 documents and questions)

Helpful Tips:

    ⇒ I highly suggest printing the station handouts on different colored paper and put them in folders to keep them organized so every year you have them ready to go!

    ⇒ I give my student’s 6 minutes a station with a minute passing time to complete a 45 minute class period, with a few extra minutes at the end of the lesson to discuss the main ideas from the lesson.



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