AP Government & Politics Course

What is currently included in this curriculum?

This is everything you need for a AP U.S. Government Full Year Course. Over 1,200 individual products in ONE package! Free downloads for life! I teach this course every year and update my plans. This course is already updated for the redesign for 2018-2019.

What will this curriculum contain?

It includes full lesson plans, student activities, and all other needed materials to implement the lessons. Includes cooperative group activities, centers, readings, games, projects, rubrics, tests, and so much more. I teach with the 55 minute period for the full year. I am a very organized teacher.

Helpful Tips:

This is a HUGE file over 1,200 items, so be prepared for a large download! Files are all organized into unit folders for ease of use. Each folder has multiple folders included an extra folder, tests, and each unit is organized in number order that I taught them.

Options to access files: You can either download the files using Dropbox link and edit in Word or Powerpoint OR click the urls and edit all the materials digitally on Google Drive!

If you want to see a sample unit, please email me what unit you would like to see: notanotherhistoryteacher@gmail.com

I updated the course and significantly organized the files for the 2018-2019 redesign.

If you want to see a sample unit please email me notanotherhistoryteacher@gmail.com I would be happy to send it to you.

What’s Included:

⇒ Constitutional Underpinnings

⇒ Political Beliefs, Behaviors, and Culture

⇒ Political Parties and Electoral Practices

⇒ The Legislative Branch and the Congress

⇒ The Executive Branch and the Presidency

⇒ The Bureaucracy Unit

⇒ The Judicial Branch Unit

⇒ The Civil Liberties and Civil Rights Unit

⇒ Exam Review

⇒ Course Exams


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