Personal Finance Course

What is currently included in this curriculum?

This is everything you need for a Personal Finance Half Year Course. Over 500 individual products in ONE package! I follow the W!se curriculum but it can be applied to any personal finance course.

Free downloads for life! I teach this course every year and update my plans.

Course was Organized and Updated: May 2018

What will this curriculum contain?

It includes full lesson plans, student activities, and all other needed materials to implement the lessons. Includes cooperative group activities, centers, readings, games, tests, and so much more. I teach with the 55 minute period for the half year. I am a very organized teacher.


⇒ Money

⇒ Budgeting

⇒ Cost of Money

⇒ Banking

⇒ Credit

⇒ Insurance

⇒ Investing

⇒ Financial Planning


If you want to see a sample unit, please email me what unit you would like to see:

Helpful Tips:

This is a HUGE file over 500 items, so be prepared for a large download! Files are all organized into unit folders for ease of use. Each folder has multiple folders included an extra folder, tests, and each unit is organized in number order that I taught them.

Each lesson was designed in Google Drive and can easily be modified and downloaded for your students.

Budgeting Lesson

This is a one day 55 minute how to budget lesson. There is a 22 slide budgeting Power-point, Word handout for the notes, NPR audio clip, a

nd video urls on budgeting. There are a ton of videos, graphics, and scenarios on budgeting. There is also a NPR audio clip about people not having a $400 emergency fund. This lesson can be modified and adapted for your classroom or use the lesson as is.

Break a Norm Project

This is a two page project on breaking a norm for my crime and deviance unit. Students select a norm to break, break it, and then write response to norm break. There is a one page provided rubric to grade their responses. I typically spend one whole class period discussing their norm break and the purpose of norms after they break them. This is one of my student’s favorite

lessons all year! I tell them the norm has to be a norm break for them and that it must be school appropriate. I also send an email to staff and clear it with my administration before we break them. It was designed in Word and can be modified for your classroom.

Examples of Norm Breaks:
For example, one student wore socks all day instead of shoes,another cursed at a teacher and got thrown out of class (cleared ahead of time with the teacher), another non-athletic student wore running gear all day, another wore a prom dress to school, another student wore a bathing suit and towel all day, one went as a gothic student.

Impeachment Process Lesson

This is a two page web-search on the U.S. impeachment process. I have my students research the process in pairs and then they break into groups to research the impeachment process from either Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, or Bill Clinton. We then come together as a class and they teach each other about the president they did not research. There is a answer key included as well as readings from the internet if your students’s do not have access to a device. This lesson was designed in Word and can be modified for your classroom.

First Day United States History Activity

This is a 14 question activity for the first day of school on US history and pop culture topics. It’s a fun way to start the year to play a review game and see what they know. I do this even before we do a syllabus. I also share random facts about each question and ask kids questions to see what they know before we even start the course. I usually give candy out as prizes with it for the first activity we complete in my classroom on the first day of school.

Sociology Hashtag Final Project

This is a Sociology hashtag final project. Student’s select a hashtag that has created social change. They need to research and evaluate the hashtag and decide if it was a successful social movement. They need to create a survey and final online poster to present their research. There is a rubric provided to help you grade it as well as three sample student projects that were really well done. This took my student’s 5 class days to work on and four class days to present their findings to the class. Makes a great end of the semester or class project! It was designed in Word and can be modified for your class. 

Here is a sample student final project-


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