Financial Planning Unit

This is a complete 6-10 day financial planning unit (55 minute periods). It was designed in word and power-point and can easily be adapted to your classroom. Lesson Plans, notes, video urls, worksheets are provided. It can be downloaded and modified for you classroom. It has six complete lessons that are ready to print and use. The other four days are guest speaker ideas to make the unit better. You can either download the file or access it via Google Drive.
Lessons Topics:
1. two to three days on retirement
2. two days on buying a car
3. two days on renting vs buying a house or apartment
4. two to three days on paying for college

Check out the lesson here: 


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Next Gen: Personal Finance Resources

Next Gen is a wonderful resource for personal finance lessons. NGPF has designed 12 Units that feature 65 lessons, 200 activities, over 400 curated videos, and much more! Everything we offer from Assessments and Data Crunches to Projects and Case Studies can be found organized into Units on this page. There are tons of resources- I love their assessments, lessons, and interactive videos that are already curated. It will save you hours of time planning!

Check it out today:  

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Make your life easier with Chrome extensions

I am a huge fan of chrome extensions. It makes you life so much easier with a lot of different tools. Google Chrome Extensions are “applications that run inside the Chrome browser and provide additional functionality, integration with third party websites or services, and customized browsing experiences.” While there is some grey area between Google apps, extensions, and simply shortcuts to websites, the right extensions can turn your browser into a Swiss-army knife of utility and efficiency.

I love checker plus, google calendar, print friendly, awesome screenshot, qr code, drive,  and one tab.

What Is The Benefit Of An Extension For Teachers?

They can make things simple, more accessible, more visible, more compelling, more convenient–there are dozens of potential benefits to you in your classroom. Clip a web page to Evernote with a single button push. Look up a reference. Model for students how to add a citation. Send a link to colleagues without opening another tab. Find a useful resource for a lesson? Scoop it. Tweet it. Pin It. Find a post you want to read? Don’t email it to yourself–use Pocket.

The criteria we used to choose each extension? The extension had to increase your efficiency, provide a benefit to content/curriculum, allow you to connect with other teachers/parents/students, or enhance your workflow as an educator.

Chrome extensions for teachers

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