Causes of the Civil War Stations Lesson

This is a complete lesson plan for the causes of the Civil War. This is a perfect lesson to teach all the causes of the Civil war in one 50 minute class period. There are five stations. I have my students spend 6-8 minutes a station. There is also an extra two page homework assignment if they finish a station early. It was designed in word and powerpoint and it can easily be adapted to your classroom.

– Station 1: Powerpoint notes on the two sides of the Civil War
– Station 2: North & South Map to Color
– Station 3: Compromise and Causes Reading
– Station 4: Video on the Causes of the Civil War
– Station 5: Analyze Political Cartoons on the causes of the Civil War
– Extra two page homework assignment on the compromises and popular sovereignty

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Final Exam Review

Congress Station Lesson

This is complete 50 minute station lesson on Congress. I have my students spend 8 minutes per station. There are five stations included with an additional homework assignment attached if they finish a station early. This lesson was designed in word and can be modified to fit the needs of your classroom.

What’s included?
– Station 1: Powers of Congress Reading and Discussion
– Station 2: Bicameral Legislature Notes
– Station 3: Video url provided and questions (must have access to one computer)
– Station 4: Political Cartoons
– Station 5: Pork barreling and Earmarks Web Search (must have access to a device or two to share with a partner – phone, tablet, or computer)
– Incumbency Homework

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Final Economics Project

Economics can be a very broad subject. Because of the vastness of economics itself and given the amount of time we have left in the school year, students will have the opportunity to pick an economic topic that interests them. They will be given plenty of time to work on this project in class and for part of the grade a 10-15 minute presentation will be required. They will be required to create a visual to support your topic and write an essay on the topic.

This is a two part project one part is a visual component such as a movie or power-point and the other part is a three page position paper. I typically give them three days to do the research and collaboration for the project and three days for the research paper. They then present their projects 10-15 minutes to each class.

Rubrics are provided for both assignments and there is a list of possible questions they can pick as their final project. It was designed in word and can be modified for your classroom. Click here to purchase it.



US History Final Exam Review

Want to save yourself hours of prep-time? I am selling my US History review folder with a ton of useful materials to review United States history in preparation for a final exam or Regent’s exam.

This is a folder of over 100 review items for US History Final Review. There are multiple folders of resources included in this package. The materials are for U.S. history Regents review but it can be applied to any U.S. history course. You can purchase it here.

What’s included?

⇒ cartoon review
⇒ DBQ Essays
⇒ General Resources
⇒ Major Graphic Organizers
⇒ Review Handouts
⇒ Review Packets
⇒ Thematic Essays
⇒ Supreme Court


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