80+ Must Have Apps for your iPad

This may not be a traditional post but I thought I would share a list of iPad apps I sent to my principal who is in the process of rolling out iPads in the high school. These is a list of some of the “hottest apps” in education.  Happy downloading!


Study Tools 
1. Infuse Learning (add bookmark to home screen) http://student.infuselearning.com/

2. Quizlet
3. Socrative (student)
4. Regent’s Prep (add bookmark to home screen) http://www.regentsprep.org/
5. Study blue
Important Resources 
1. Cloud On
2. Drive
3. Dropbox
4. My Big Campus
5. Evernote
6. Nearpod student
Useful Tools 
1. QR Code Maker
2. Easy Bib
3. Sticky Notes for iPad
4. new.Annotate+
5. QR Code Scan
6. Side by Side
7. Camscanner
1. Geometry Pad
2. Free Protractor
3. Whiteboard Lite: Collaborative Drawing
4.Smartstocks (add bookmark to home screen) http://www.smartstocks.com/
5. Bloomberg
6. Mathination
7. Rover
8. Quick Graph
9. SketchExplorer
10. Numbers
 11. Calculus wolfram
12. Algebra wolfram
13. Learns that
14. Geoboard
15. Sat math lite
Digital Creation 
1. Scrap it HD+
2. Animoto
3. Skitch
4. EduCreations
5. Pic Collage
6. Dragon Dictation
7. Doceri
8. Haiku Deck
9. Perfect Captions – Your Life With Subtitles
10. Voicethread
11. ShowMe
12. ibook creator
13. ShowMe
14. Prezi
15. Toontastic
16. Hokusai
17. fotobabble
1. Earth-Now
2. Essential Skeleton
4. 3D brain
5.3D cell stain
6. Science@vl
7. Molecules
8. DNA model
9. The elements
Social Studies
1. CNN
2. The States
3. National Archives DocsTeach
4. This Day in History
5. Student Friend (add bookmark to home screen)- http://www.studentsfriend.com/sf/downsf.html
6. Humanitarian Kiosk
7. UN CountryStats
8. UN News Reader
9. Constitution
10. Today’s doc
11. AP us gov McGraw hill 5 steps to a 5
12. Perspective
13. My Congress
14. Constitution for ipad
15. Stats of the Union
1. Khan Academy
2.  Snagfilms
3. Tedtalks
4. Vimeo
5. CNN
1. Destiny quest
2. Nook
3. Join.me
4. My school

Create Storytelling Projects with 30Hands

30Hands is really neat iPhone and iPad application that is a engaging storytelling application. Your students can easily create stories or presentations using photos, images, or powerpoint slides using their device. 30hands uses the power of storytelling to make projects engaging and creative. Your students can create a book using their own voice, audio, and design. Presentation can be published on the device and uploaded to the 30hands website to be shared with the world. Students do not need to register on 30hands in order Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 9.35.52 PMto use the app. 30hands provides a very detailed tutorial. 30hands could be an excellent app for your students to use to create narrated slideshow presentations.


The Huffington Post describes 30hands as “I was most impressed with the mobile app, which has a unique feature that enables a storytelling experience by allowing the users to record audio and video over digital images. It flows seamlessly and can be uploaded onto a web platform where teachers organize and display a collection of learning materials.”


Here is an instructional video made by: Lance Yonder from ENSC Peer Coaches 

Design Comic Strips on the iPad

I work with a wonderful teacher, Ms. Grasso, who assigns her students a hand-drawn comic strip assignment. I recently discovered this wonderful paid application ($2.99), called Strip Designer. Ms. Grasso can now offer a digital comic strip option or hand-drawn comic strip project option to her photo 2 copy 3students as an assignment.  Your students can create their own comic strips on any history or general education topic in the classroom.


You can use photos from the camera roll or from the internet. Your students can select a template from the Strip Designer and then insert photos. Your students can add cute graphic design stickers to the template or photos. Your students can then add text balloons on the images or cartoon captions. You can then save the comic strips to your camera roll or it can be shared online.Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 9.57.51 PM

Top 5 Innovations in Classroom Technology

Technology in the classroom has certainly been a touchy subject, what with kids using their cell phones as the latest way to “pass notes” in class. But savvy teachers understand that mobile devices offer them a means of connecting with students and enhancing the lessons delivered in the classroom. However, it can be hard to keep up with technology, which seems to advance at the speed of light. So here are a few innovations that every teacher should get behind in order to keep their classroom up-to-date with growing trends.


  1. The connected classroom. You can hardly operate a classroom these days without allowing for the enhancements offered by the internet, including the research opportunities provided by search engines and the education and entertainment value delivered by targeted video content. But there’s more to making your classroomClassroom-Tech connected these days. It involves not only hardware like smartphones and tablets, but also software, apps, and social media meant to help you connect with students on a level that they are comfortable and familiar with. Getting your classroom connected can help you to enhance your regular lessons, engage with students, and virtually find more ways to communicate with kids that might not necessarily interact otherwise.
  2. Facebook pages. Facebook is nothing new, but more and more teachers are starting to see the merits of creating group pages for each of their classes. With the proper protective measures in place (privacy settings, passwords, etc.) you can keep parents happy. And utilizing the platform provides you with a forum to interact with and help students outside of class, as well as encouraging them to help one another. In addition, you can use it to post assignments, add instructions, and facilitate communication for group projects. In short, Facebook (or similar social networking sites) could certainly add to the educational experience.
  3. Study Blue. There are all kinds of mobile applications designed to help students study smarter, but this freebie (with in-app purchases) offers options for study notes and flashcards, as well as the ability to message with the teacher or other students for sharing, feedback, and help. It’s a great way for students to stay on track with their studies, both inside and out of the classroom.
  4. Tablets and smartphones. Although many teachers remain hesitant about allowing students to bring their mobile devices to class, others have started to realize the many educational opportunities inherent in these gadgets. With options for apps, programs, and videos (amongst other things), tablets and smartphones are paving the way to a technological future through classroom usage.
  5. Digital lectures. With options like Ted Talks and Khan Academy grabbing the interest of older students, it’s not surprising that teachers at all grade levels are taking the cue and flipping the concept of lectures end over end. Boring speeches need not take up every class period when teachers create Power Point presentations or video lectures for students to watch in study hall or at home. And this concept paves the way for more interaction within the classroom setting. When students come prepared, having watched a lecture in their off-time, teachers can focus on answering questions and clarifying points, as well as engaging in activities that offer hands-on opportunities to drive home important information. Whether you teach at the grade school or high school level or you’re an instructor at WSU online, digitizing lectures can lead to increased opportunities for interaction in the classroom.

Leon Harris is a freelance writer and editor based in sunny Southern California. In his spare time, Harris enjoys living a healthy lifestyle and exercising with his two Golden Retrievers.

Make your Life Easier with Google Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions are extra features that you can add to Google Chrome. Extensions can make your life easier and help you browse the internet. Some Benefits of Extensions: get bonus information about a page, get timely notifications, and get more accomplished with fewer clicks.  My favorite extension is Evernote Web Clipper, which allows me to save anything I find on the web or on twitter. It is so useful when you want to save an article or website for later. I no  longer use bookmarks and if you correctly tag and save your search in a notebook you can easily access your files.

Here are my Chrome Extensions.

Here are my Chrome Extensions.

  • Autocopy – Automatically copies text or links when they are selected. Imagine how many times a day you click Control or Command + C. Now, you don’t have to!
  • Awesome Screen Shot – Capture a whole page or just a portion. It also ncludes annotating tools.
  • Clea.nr – Removes YouTube add-ons and related videos from the screen, showing only the video and the search bar. Great for removing questionable ads and related videos that pop up.
  • Docs Quickly – Allows you to quickly create a new Google Document, Presentation, Spreadsheet or Drawing.
  • Dropbox – Provides easy access to your Dropbox account and files as well.
  • Evernote Web Clipper – Lets you send any link or site to Evernote.
  • goo.gl URL Shortener – Shortens a URL and also provides the option to create a QR code and additional details.
  • Google Voice – Allows you to keep up with Google Voice from your computer. You can even send text messages back and forth.
  • Pinterest – Pin from any website to your Pinterest boards.
  • Printliminator – (not an extension) Use this bookmarklet to remove unnecessary or unwanted aspects of a web page before printing.
  • Send to Google Docs – You can take any webpage and turn it into PDF that you can send straight to Google Docs.
  • Sound Gecko – Creates an mp3 of the text of a web page and allows you to save it to Google Drive or listen on the mobile app. You can also read along with the text.
  • Yellow Highlighter – You can highlight webpages and share them through Twitter and Facebook for others to read. It also creates a unique URL to share your highlighted annotations with anyone.