Financial Literacy is Important

I love finding interesting infographic’s that I can use in the classroom such as the infographic about the importance of financial literacy  from Richard Bryne’s Free Technology 4 Teachers Blog. The infographic shows the importance of educating teenagers about the importance of financial literacy.

As a teacher it is important to educate our students about economics and issues related to financial literacy. Starting at a very early age it is important to teach children about even basic economic concepts such as savings and markets. In middle school, basic concepts can be expanded to teach students about economic theories and ideas. In high school, economics can be expanded to teach students about more complex issues such personal or national economic issues such as the recession. Unfortunately, the majority of high school graduates leave high school without any knowledge of financial literacy and are faced with the reality of debt.

As educators we need to incorporate economics in our curriculum.  On Tuesday April 17th- I plan on taking Richard Bryne’s example by teaching about taxes and where our money goes. The IRS website about Understanding Our Taxes is a wonderful resource to teach students about our government. The website offers interactive modules, such as how and why of taxes that can be tailored for Middle School, High School, and Post-Secondary education.

Another interesting website is Where did my tax dollars go? I think my students will really enjoy this website because it personalizes where our taxes go such as medicare or national defense. I highly recommend checking out these two websites if you teach about taxes and financial literacy.

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