Cel.ly adds Email!

I continued to be impressed with the updates of Cel.ly.  Cel.ly just announced that it will receive email for cell messages, private messages, and  various system notifications. New members can now sign up with their email (no cell phone required) so now ALL your students can benefit from Cel.ly. This is a wonderful addition to Cel.ly because now students can get email or text message announcements regardless of whether they own a cell phone or not. Thank you Cel.ly for making my classroom more of an engaging and equitable environment for all students.



What is Cel.ly?

Cel.ly is a wonderful FREE program that allows you to instantly message a group of people in your cell. Cel.ly can function as a chatroom where people can communication via text messaging. Anyone can create or join a cell by sending a text message to 23559 (Celly). Text messages can be curated for security purposes. Cel.ly is changing the face of education!

With administrative and parental approval, I use a program called Cel.ly to send text messages to my students with reminders, announcements, polls, questions, etc. Students can text me and ask me a specific question such as “what is on the test tomorrow?” or ask “what did I miss in class?” Cell phones have the potential to bridge the gap between the home, school, and social media world.




How can Cel.ly be used?

Celly turns classrooms, schools, teams, neighborhoods, offices, or any organization—big or small—into their own private communication networks. We call these “cells”. Cells let members communicate in a group using their phone (via text messaging) or the web. Communication is secure, private, and can be moderated by one or more curators.

Thousands of schools have already adopted Celly for a variety of scenarios from teacher-led study groups, link-crew mentoring, team sports, field trips, orchestra and band clubs. Cells are private by default so members are explicitly invited by a cell administrator. Celly lets students communicate with teachers and administrators at anytime—in class or out of class.

Teachers can send homework reminders to students via Celly. Students can ask teachers and fellow classmates about assignments. Student athletes and coaches use Celly to coordinate games and practices. School administrators use Celly to send out school-wide alerts and event information to parents. Parents can use Celly to coordinate daily schedules, keep in touch with extended family members, and organize reunions, weddings, vacations, neighborhood watch groups, and office work groups.


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