Online US History and Government Textbook

Next year I plan on supplementing my outdated textbook with some online resources. I discovered this website called, which has so many wonderful resources. I plan on using this online US Government website for my AP government class and supplementing it with a reader, primary documents, and plenty of articles. I think it will be a lot more practical in the 21st century.

Online Textbook

3 thoughts on “Online US History and Government Textbook

  1. Have you enjoyed this online textbook resource for Government? I’m looking for something to use with my students since our textbooks are still in the first Bush administration, and we have gone to a 1:1 iPad initiative. I’d be interested in your thoughts on the text.

  2. I plan to use it with my regular class, not AP. thanks for the feedback. I don’t know if it will still be available for free after January 1, but flat world knowledge has an AP appropriate text and it’s currently embedded in a Saylor foundation intro to PSC course on iTunesU. I used those course lectures to flip my AP class this fall.

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