File Stork- Collect Files via Dropbox.

This year my classroom is going to be a paperless classroom in terms of student assignments. I plan on having students submit files using Edmodo, Google Docs, and Dropbox.

Going digital in terms of paper collection will allow me to cut down on emails in my inbox as well as paper on my desk. I have had students use DropitTOme this past school year. This coming school year I am going to have them use FileStork, which can send files to my online Dropbox account.

I learned about FileStork from Richard Bryne at Free Technology for Teachers. He said “You can make an individual file request by sending an email to someone. The other way, and the more practical way for teachers, is to create a “stand alone” request which will allow you to post an upload link on your blog or website. Visitors can then use that link to upload a file to your Dropbox where you can view it and download it if you like.” Thanks Richard for the Great idea! File request | FileStork - Request files from anyone using Dropbox 2011-07-07 08-54-22

2 thoughts on “File Stork- Collect Files via Dropbox.

  1. Why are you switching from Dropittome to FileStork?

    I am planning to use FileStork this year, but I was wondering if I should try Dropittome as well?


  2. FileStork is no more – they have shut down as of June 15th!! Much sadness. I’m pretty sure it is related to the Mega Upload case.

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