Mrs. S you said last lesson was your “favorite”

Yesterday, I taught one of my favorite lessons (soon to be a future post) connecting the legacy of the Civil Rights movement to today. When I told my students this lesson was  one of my favorite lessons. One student raised his hand in the back of the room and said “Mrs. Seideman you said the lesson last week was your favorite on Vietnam” and then another student said “no the impact of WWII on the homefront was.” After a few minutes of discussion, most of my class agreed  that I claim a lot of lessons are my favorite.

Most people would say choosing a favorite would be easy. For me it’s easy to choose my favorite, Ben and Jerry’s Fish Food ice cream, my border collie, watching the Notebook, and snuggling with my husband have to be on my top ten list of favorite things to do.

Do you enjoy history more this year than previous?In terms of teaching, I have so many favorite lessons and I will admit I claim them all the be my favorite. My response to my class when they said I always say a lesson is my favorite was good then I am doing my job. Teaching is unlike any other profession in the world-You have the unique power to change a students life in so many different ways. It requires passion, compassion, strength, creativity, and an unbelievable ability to “run” on limited amounts of sleep. All of these characteristics make a good teacher GREAT.

To many teachers get burnt out and forget the real reason they entered the classroom: to make a difference in a child’s life. A history teacher in my department who was nominated for teacher of the year said it best “we are there for the kids.” When meaningful connections are made with students and the content, schools truly are a special place to be. I am happy I choose my profession and I am proud to say (even in this economic climate) that I am a Teacher.

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