Revolutionize Grading

I have been trying to incorporate technology as much as I can into  my teaching. I goggled for an online testing program. I discovered a  program called Quizstar 4 Teachers for FREE. :) This wonderful program allows kids to take tests (multiple choice, true false, and short answer) paperless and on the computer. All that is needed is a computer and the internet.

I can’t tell you how nice it was for my students (and myself) to know their grades the second they hit “submit” on their final exam. They were relived (okay most of them) to get their grades right away.

This new form of test taking will REVOLUTIONIZE the classroom and help teachers focus more time on their students and less time on grading (worst part of the job).

It’s time to put the scan-tron machines away, back away from the pencils,  and get into the digital age.

4 thoughts on “Revolutionize Grading

  1. Hi Melissa,
    Thanks for participating in the Teacher’s Blogging Challenge and writing about this tool, which is new to me. It is great to know that there are web2.0 tools that make our jobs easier and save time. Less time marking means more time planning and getting to know students and their needs. “MyStudiyo” is another quiz-making tool, that i have students create their own quizzes for each other. They seem to enjoy it and you can add images and video. Keep up the great work!

  2. Online quizzes are great, and you are so right about getting instant feedback (both for the teacher and the students). Have you every tried Zoho another quiz making site. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think that online quizzes are a great idea! I haven’t looked into that or thought about it recently. I still give tests on paper and we don’t have a scantron machine. I would love to have my students take online quizzes more often. It would be a much more efficient use of time. Do all of your students have laptops or do you have computers in your classroom? I would have to take them to the computer lab each time to take a quiz then, which might be difficult since we don’t have access to the lab at all times.

    –Jee Young

  4. My department has a laptop cart and I can “rent” out the computer lab. If I plan ahead either one is usually easy. It even graphs the number of questions students get incorrect and breaks down the data by question. So I can see how each class period responds to each question. I have found it very useful and this semester I had kids register on the very first day of school so I plan on having them take every test this way. Hopefully the server will be working :)

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